ProMer™ technology
merOne of the key challenges for biopharmaceuticals development – short plasma circulation time and rapid clearance from the body. Profarma has developed proprietary technology for prolongation effect of proteins biobetters, which involves genetic fusion of two proteins via specific linker, leading to an enlarged molecular size without effecting the biological activity of the therapeutic protein.

ProMer™ is flexible and versatile technology for extension of biopharmaceutical’s half-life via:

  • ProMer™ homodimerization, to enhance biological response and extend circulation half-life.
  • ProMer™ heterodimerization to achieve synergetic or bispecific action of two proteins and increase circulation half-life.
  • ProMer™ monomers with N or C terminus modification to extend circulation half-life

ProMer™ technology - universal platform, applicable to wide range of proteins approach.

Custom design of linker structure and size is adjusted for each protein (s), based on unique features and mode of action of the protein (s).

ProMer™ advantages

  • Due to adjusted linker biological activity remains the same as for intact protein
  • Clearance of fused protein is modulated and might be decreased few times, depending on specific features of the protein and medical needs
  • Manufacturing process is simple, no additional chemical modification due to genetic fusion strategy, ProMer™ protein is produced as a single product.
  • ProMer™ proteins can be effectively produced in all commonly acceptable expression systems, E.coli, mammalian cells, yeast or insects.

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